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Top 5 Android apps that pays you money in india 2018 - make money with android

Android apps that pays you money in india 2018 - make money with android , android apps that pay you money best and trusted android apps that pay you money reward apps for android.

Android apps that pays you money in india 2018 - make money with android 

 are you are thinking to make money on your android phone ? are you a student who wants to earn some money for extra pocket money ? Then this article is for you after reading this article you will get an idea about those android apps which really pays you money . we only share trusted and genuine ways with you . 

apps that pays you money

now a days google playstore is fully load  of android apps and for one category you get wide range of apps like if you want and pic editing app you will get so many apps and you will be confused which one to install depending on the ratings like that many money making apps are available on playstore but not all are genuine . all the apps doesn't pays you . never trust on the ratings of money making apps because majority of the apps forces users to rate them 5 star on playstore and the apps tell that they will get money if they give 5 start rating . 

 Some android apps really pays money but majority of them pay less or sometimes not even a buck . if you installed apps to make money and if the app is not paying you do give negative rating to that app never give positive rating to those fake apps . 

so lets discuss about the trusted and Genuine Android apps that really pays you 

Android apps that pays you money in india 2018 - make money with android 

#1. Google Opinion Rewards 

apps that pays you money

The best and genuine app that pays so money is google opinion rewards . it is officially by google so you don't need to think whether it is fake or not . i recommend you to use this app it will really help you to make money . google always tries to give best results to its users so they ask some information via this google opinion app about the negative and positive feedback . 

if you live in big city like delhi , Bangalore, kolkata etc you can earn lots of money by Google opinion rewards . for the first time you have to fill one survey for free and from next time you will get paid for the surveys . you can make upto 75$ for one survey . 

Download Google opinion rewards - click  here 

#2. Taskbucks

apps that pays you money

Taskbuks is very old app but but believe me guys this app really pays you money in your paytm wallet . they will pay vis paytm and they also offers free recharge you can select one from them . you can make money by reffering money or by installing apps . you will be get paid for installing apps from taskbucks . amount depends on the apps and sometimes you have to keep that app in your smartphone to earn money . the good thing is you can uninstall that app later . .

Download taskbucks app - click here 

#3. The panel Station app 

apps that pays you money

The panel station app is like google opinion rewards . it is a survey app which offers to money to its users for completing surveys . you can download this app and register on it soon you will start getting surveys just complete them honestly . sometimes you get some points which can be converted into cash . and sometimes you are not qualified for the surveys because companies also have some rule and guidelines and only targated area users will be qualify . you will get Rs. 300 for 3000 points . making 3000 points is not hard it is very easy . you can withdraw your earning by paytm or you can get flipkart voucher or amazon voucher. 

the panel app sends you money in your paytm wallet sometimes it can be late but they will send you money for sure . always remember that use the same email id which you used for creating your paytm wallet account . 

Download panel station app - click here 

#4. Cash Pirate 

apps that pays you money

Another very old app but the real app that pay you money . Cash pirate is a app which offers paid surveys and some apps for the users to download . you will get paid when you complete the surveys and install apps from cash pirate . you can withdraw your earning via paypal or bitcoin . 

Download CashPirate - click here 

#5. Squad Run 

this is a genuine app ( Squad Run ) where you have to complete some tasks and you will get some points . then points can be converted into cash . But read the instructions carefully before completing the tasks because the task is totally depend on the given instructions . if you read the instructions carefully you can complete every survey successfully . 

Download squad run - click here 

These are the trusted and genuine apps that i  have used and shared with you . there are many others app in which you need to make videos and you can earn money by making videos . you can try these apps . i have not shared any  link or any code which will benefit for me . you can download these apps from playstore or rom here its your wish .

these android apps will not let you make huge money but if you are student then you can try this app if you have free time . i recommend  google opinions rewards for all it is very good app . 

i hope this article helped you . give your suggestions on this article on comment section .