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Sites Like Upwork - Upwork Alternative Best Freelance Websites 2018 list

Sites Like Upwork - Best Freelance Websites 2018 list of sites like upwork , freelance websites , best freelancing websites , companies like upwork where you can make money .

Sites Like Upwork - Best Freelance Websites 2018 list 

Sites Like Upwork - Upwork Alternative Best Freelance Websites 2018 list

In this article we will Discuss about upwork and Sites like upwork . with thehelp of technology everything is changing and now you can work from your home and make money . you don't need to work for hours and weeks its your wish whenever you are free you can work on freelancing sites . There is no boss to give you order for particular work you can choose your work according to your wish . 

So lets see 

what is upwork ?  what are other sites like upwork ? 

upwork is a freelancing website where people work from home and get paid . once upon a time upwork was named as elance(odesk) . upwork is the top freelancing website to connect contractors and freelancers . 

The contractors post available jobs on Upwork and freelancers bid on that job and then contractors will select freelances to perform the work and he will pay money to freelancers . Upwork helps Both contractors and freelancers to hire and perfrom . freelancers are paid good amount of money . upwork is like a bridge between companies and freelancers . 

on upwork Projects depends on time - for short time and for longer period and if you are begginer you will get entry level amount and when you become expert on upwork you will get huge money . 

sites Like Upwork - upwork alternative - websites like upwork

No Doubt Upwork is top and best platform for freelancers around the world but there are other freelancing websites ,websites like upwork which provides platform for freelancers to work from home and make money . 

if you ask me which is the best platfoem for freelancers i will say its Upwork because many big companies posts their projects here and people around the world work on upwork . 
still want to know about other sites like upwork ? okay lets see - 

#1. - (upwork Alternative )

Sites Like Upwork - Upwork Alternative Best Freelance Websites 2018 list is also a best platform for freelancers with millions of companies . you get variety of work available and can bid for the work . it is the best alternative for upwork . pays good amount of money to freelancers when the complete the task . if you are a freelancer then try to do more work ( complete Projects ) and try to do quality work and satify your client then your rating will increase and you can bid for projects with high Price. 


Sites Like Upwork - Upwork Alternative Best Freelance Websites 2018 list is platfrom with varity of works like Design , web and mobile development , writing and translation , video and audio, software and social marketing .  

peopleperhour ie best platform if you have some skills and any particular area it can be video , software development or any others . the clients search for freelancers on the basis of skills and PPh helps them to connect with freelancers . 

post available jobs for free and there are many freelancers ready to do work clients can select according to their needs and fro freelancers it goes in the same way like upwork . freelancers have to bid ( send proposals ) . 


Sites Like Upwork - Upwork Alternative Best Freelance Websites 2018 list

The freelancers can write about their skills in which they are experts and and they can mention the price for work in their profile. The clients then search for the freelancers and selects the freelances according to him which he feel suitable for his work . chaarges are high when compared to Upwork or peopleperhour . Freelancers will get $5 at starting and later they can charge more for work . if freelancers have good rating they can make good money . on a freelancers will get minimum $5 for complete per work . 

Here in clients can explore and search for needed freelancers for the work . they give deadline for work and freelancers have to complete the work in that particular time. clients can explore in video and animation , web dssign etc . 


Sites Like Upwork - Upwork Alternative Best Freelance Websites 2018 list is a best platforms for people who can write articles and posts on any topic .it is a good website to make money if you have typing skills . even the clients can give orders to writers for blog posts , press releases , ebooks , kindle books and amazon reviews . 

The writers ( freelancers ) can make their client base and earn good amount of money . prices will be low at starting but it will keep increasing with your experience and you will start getting $50-$80  for writing just 500-600 words . it depends on the rank . The freelancers can choose topics which they feel is suitable for them and feel that they can write better on those articles. 


Sites Like Upwork - Upwork Alternative Best Freelance Websites 2018 list is a freelancing website for where clients post work and freelancers completes it . the clients can search freelancers based on their country location as well as on their skills. clients can search for seo experts, developers, API Developers, translators and many more . Guru have 3+ million freelancers to do work . 

The clients can track their work which is assigned to freelancers and can pay to freelancers by the hour . 

Conclusion - 
so these are the best and trusted websites like upwork for freelancers and for clients looking for others to complete their work . you can try these websites if you have skills in some field . keep the good work going and always deliver quality content to your clients it will help you to increase your earning . 
I hope this article helped you to know others - 

Sites Like Upwork - Best Freelance Websites 2018 list 

websites like upwork

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