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Alltime Top 5 Music recording apps for android -

Top 5 Music recording apps for android looking for apps to record your music or audio ? searching for the best app for android to record voice for music ? In this article we will discuss about the top 5 apps that are made for music recording or audio recording .

Top 5 Music recording apps for android -

Music recording apps for android

Are you searching for the best android apps that records your voice clearly ? Do you want to record your own voice on your android phone and make music ? ahh you are in the right place this article will help you to get best music recording or voice recording app for android phone .

Nowadays many people record their voice over the smartphone and then use it as vocals . some edit those vocals in the computer and some edit them in phone itself . Their are many singers too who record their vocals on their smartphones and later use them in their projects. Smartphones have changed the life of humans and now the work can be done from anywhere at any time . 

In most cases your voice quality depends on the smartphones you use . Different smartphones have different types of microphones some have low quality and some have quality microphones inside the phones . have you ever recorded your voice on iphone ? that was clear ? right because apple uses best quality microphones to give better recording experience to their users . 

Even other companies like samsung,nokia,one plus are continously increasing the quality of their smartphones . 

Do you want to record music on your android phone ? 

Best voice recorder For android - 

Apps are useful to edit voices and some apps are useful in recording your voice . Majority of the apps may not give desired results but you can try these apps to record your music or voice and may be you will be satisfied with these apps . 

Contents - 

Top 5 Music recording apps for android - 
#1. Voice Recorder Pro (recorder and smart apps )
#2. Voice Recorder (Quality Apps ) 
#3. Audio Recorder ( Sony mobile Communication tools ) 
#4. Voice Recorder (splend Apps ) 
#5 Voice Recorder pro ( quality apps ) 

#1. Voice Recorder Pro  - ( Paid )

Size  - 7.2 Mb   
Requires android version - 4-1 or up 
Offered by - Recorder and smart apps 

best music recording app android
music recording app

Voice Recorder pro is a paid app they have free app also but the pro app have some really good features and audio quality is good . you can record long audios like lectures , meetings , songs etc . 
The app is simple to use and easy to understand and supports high quality mp3 format . you can store files in internal storage or in external thats your wish . This app records your voice or audio even when the display is off ( recording in background  ) . you can pause, cancel,resume at any time . this app allows users to cut the parts of your recording which is not needed . 

Voice Recorder Pro App is Paid app so less people buy it from playstore . more then 50,000 people downloaded this and nearly 2,120 people have given positive rating . overall rating is 4.8 on the playstore . 

#2. Voice Recorder - 

Size - 7.2 Mb 
Requires android version - 4.1 or up 
offered by - Quality apps ( recorder whether and music ) 

best music recording app android
music rerording app

Voice Recorder by quality apps is free app available on the playstore for android users . This app has over 5,00,000 installs or Downloads on google play store with 4.8 rating by the users . this app record voice in mp3 and ogg format . You can delete recording right from the app and can share recording via whatsapp , facebook or emails etc . There is also a live audio Spectrum analyzer with microphone gain calibration tool for better quality . if you want a free app to record your audio or voice you can try this app for free . 

#3. Audio Recorder  

Size - 5.1 Mb
Requires android version - 4.1 or up 
Offered by - Sony Mobile Communications Tools 

best music recording app android
free recording app

Sony is the name comes when we think about the music products or many other tech products. this audio recorder by sony communications is rated 4.2 nearly by 92,500 users on playstore and it has huge downloads which is more then 10,00,000 and counting . 

Sony is big brand it is known for quality products and this app ( Audio Recorder ) is mentioned in New york times too .This app works on mobile devices and tablets and you can edit your voice with the help of this app for better results . you can try recording guitars too if you have one . 

#4. Voice recorder 

Size - 2.6 Mb
Requires android version - 4.1 or up 
Offered by - Splend Apps 

best music recording app android
voice recording app free

Voice recorder by splend apps offers free recording with no time limit . you can record long recordings with good quality . well again you can use this app to record lectures, speeches, voice notes etc . This app records audio in 4 formats Mp3 , Pcm (wav), m4a/mp4 and AMR (3gp). sample rate can be adjusted from 8 KHz to 44 KHz and we can even change bitrate from 32 up to 320 kbps . if you have a mobile with led notification light the the light will keep blinking when you are recording voice and the screen is off ( Display ) . this app automatic stops when there is no memory or when memory is full . Voice recorder by splend apps have lot of many more functions you can try it . 

#5. voice Recorder Pro - ( Paid )

Size - 8.8 Mb
requires android version - 4.1 or up
Offered by - Quality apps 

best music recording app android

There are two recording apps offered by Quality apps one is free and another is paid . paid apps always have more functions and there are no limitations as compared with free app . 

Paid voice recorder pro is on google playstore with 4.8 Ratings . Almost all the functions are same like voice recorder . in paid version we get mp3 encoding with adjustable sample rate . send share recordings . this app records high quality audio or voice . 

These all are the High quality apps and works fine with budget smartphones too . try free apps if you don't want to get the paid version . 

Top 5 Music recording apps for android -

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